The official JavaScript client and SDK for Project DARC (Decentralized Autonomous Regulated Company), and the compiler and runtime for By-Law Script.



If you are using Node.js, you can install the package using npm:

npm install darcjs

or yarn:

yarn add darcjs

or pnpm:

pnpm add darcjs

Run your first By-law Script

import {darcjs} from 'darcjs';
import {ethers} from 'ethers';

// Your By-law Script
const byLawScript = `
[addr4, addr5],
[10000000, 10000000]
); `;

// Your JSON RPC provider from your blockchain
const provider = new ethers.providers.JsonRpcProvider('https://mainnet.infura.io/v3/your-infura-project-id');

// Construct the signer via Wallet class and private key
const signer = new ethers.Wallet('0xac0974bec39a17e36ba4a6b4d238ff944bacb478cbed5efcae784d7bf4f2ff80', provider);

// deploy DARC
const darc_contract_address = await darcjs.deployDARC(
DARC_VERSION.Test, signer

// access the deployed DARC via the DARC contract address
const myDeployedDARC = new darcjs.DARC({
address: darc_contract_address,
wallet: signer,
version: DARC_VERSION.Test,

// Compile the code snippet above
const program = darcjs.transpile(byLawScript);

// Run the program on your deployed DARC
const result = await myDeployedDARC.entrance(program);

// Or you can just access to the DARC contract with address and provider, without signer
const myDeployedDARC_readOnly = new darcjs.DARC({
address: darc_contract_address,
provider: provider,
version: DARC_VERSION.Test,

// Read information from the DARC
const memberList = await myDARC_readOnly.getMemberList();


Before running the test, you need to start a Hardhat Network in your neighbour folder darc-protocol

cd ../darc-protocol
npx hardhat node

Then, you can run the test in darc-js folder. Run below command in another terminal.

pnpm run test

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